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Spring Break Hands-On Happenings: The Creative Arts

Spring Break Hands-On Happenings: The Creative Arts

Mon April 4, 2016 - Fri April 8, 2016 1-4 p.m.

The Creative Arts, inspired by the Kalamazoo Gals exhibit highlighting the artistic talents of Kalamazoo women during World War II who created Gibson guitars, focuses on a different area of art each day. Visual design and creativity are explored in Matthew’s Dream by Leo Lionni. A little mouse dreams of traveling the world when he discovers, after visiting an art museum, that it is possible through art. Join us Monday, April 4, as we design a variety of collage pictures, drawings, and decorative frames for our artwork. Hear the story in our theater, then participate in a group collage effort lead by one of our museum artists.

Geraldine, the Music Mouse is an imaginative story of a little mouse who shares a large piece of cheese. As he chews off pieces of the cheese, he discovers inside of it a sculpture of a mouse playing its tail like a flute. At night, he hears the music and strives to learn how to play his tail as well. On Tuesday, April 5, create a variety of musical instruments, mice, and cheese-related crafts. After hearing the story, choir director and symphony flutist Tami Flick will play her flute and give children pointers on how to play the bamboo flute they will receive.

Cornelius the crocodile hatches from his egg walking upright on his two back legs. Learn more about this Leo Lionni story and Cornelius's adventures as he learns to stand on his front legs and hang from a tree by his tail. Create a variety of crocodile and dance crafts on Wednesday, April 6. America’s Got Talent dancer Benjamin Yonattan will answer questions and show a few dance moves after the reading of the story in our theater.

Leo Lionni’s story The Alphabet Tree is a tale of leaves with letters who find strength during a wind storm by grouping together as words. As the story progresses, they find their meaning and make a difference when they combine their words into sentences with purpose. Design and create with letters, words, and leaves on Thursday, April 7. Hear the story in our theater, then hear brother and sister act Sarah Giramia and Mike Anyonga in a musical rap.

Theater arts are explored through the tale of The Greentail Mouse on Friday, April 8. The forest mice learn about Mardi Gras from a passing city mouse. They create a variety of costumes and musical instruments to have their own forest version. Create noise makers, masks, costumes, and more as you prepare for the theater on Friday, April 8. Museum staff will read the book and enhance the experience by leading the audience through dramatic exercises related to the story.

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