Corporate Missions

Corporate Missions

Corporate Missions

The Challenger Learning Center offers the business community several opportunities to engage employees in a unique learning environment that offers real-world challenges and provides valuable team-building experiences.

From meeting the specific needs of a company to providing a purely fun and entertaining activity for employees, the Corporate Mission uses experienced CLC staff and state-of-the-art equipment to build teamwork and leadership skills.  With multiple hands-on activities that include use of robotic arms and an excitement level that continues to grow throughout the experience, your employees will work collaboratively, communicate effectively, and solve problems creatively.  KVM’s programs are flexible and can be adapted to your company’s needs.

Reservations are required at least two weeks before the mission date.  Fees charged.

Full Crew Missions
Adults at Mission  Control

This 3 hour program combines pre-mission team-building activities, a Voyage to Mars® mission, and a post-mission awards ceremony that will energize your employees.  The group is divided into two, with half of the participants assigned to Mars Control while the others are transported to the Spacecraft.  At the mission’s midpoint, the teams exchange places so everyone can experience both simulators.  Each participant is assigned to one of eight teams.  These teams must work together to ensure the success of the mission. Minimum of 16 participants, maximum of 30 participants.

Junior Missions
Adults at Life Support

The 90-minute Junior Mission program includes some hands-on team-building activities prior to the actual mission and is designed for small groups.  Utilizing the Spacecraft only, the Junior Mission is an interactive, hands-on simulated space mission in which participants assume the roles and duties of the astronaut crew.  Just like real astronauts, the crew will read and follow directions to successfully complete their mission. Minimum of 5 participants, maximum of 15 participants.


The Mini-Mission is a scaled-down version of the Junior Mission program and involves only a 45-minute Voyage to Mars® mission.  The crew has been chosen by NASA to be the very first humans to travel to Mars.  And even though the mission has been carefully planned, unforeseen dangers could pose a threat to the astronauts.
Minimum of 5 participants, maximum of 15 participants.