From Munfordville

Ten days after his letter of February 16, Dewaters found time to write home once again. The 13thMichigan has marched some 75 miles south of Louisville to Munfordville on their way to Bowling Green. Cold winter rains have made their journey difficult and uncomfortable. Thoughts of home-cooked meals fill his head as he sits on the damp ground to write his letter. He remains committed to the cause but assumes he will be home for the fall harvest.

Kentucky during the war--shows places mentioned by DeWaters such as Munfordville and Bowling Green


Feb the 26th1862
  War time 

It is with much pleasure that i write you a few lines  we left Louisville the day that i wrote to you   on sundy we went down to the river and got on the boat and road down the river to west point and slept on the boat all night the next morning before day light and march one mild [mile] from town and camped tow or three days and then started for this place and thought we would stop here but we have got to go on to Bowlinggrene about 40 miles in the mud   we have had mud all the way pretty near up to our knees   some days we went 5 miles and some more we are all tired and some ar sick   i am well uncle Joseph is not very well to day but i ges he will get over it   i am so tired and hungry i cant wright we haveto set don [down] on the ground and write on a little peace of board   we are on a field whare a battle has ben fought   Kentucky is a loansome place evry body has left it   Mother i wished i had some of your johneycake i could make a good supper if it was cold   we have hard times but i must go thru with it  dont never come to this place for you wont like it   so i must bring my letter to a close i cant wright half anough for it is getting dark so good by

direct your letters to
Louisville Kentucky in the
Car[e] of Capt Carpenter
13 Mich infantry

yours truly
OH Dewaters

I am a cumming home to cut my wheat if not time to plant corn

O H Dewaters

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