Near Nashville

Nearly two months after the 13th Michigan left Kalamazoo, Harrison is becoming anxious to hear from his family. Now camped near Nashville, Tennessee, he is excited to receive a letter from his sisters, Ann and Melissa. He immediately sits down and writes to his parents.

He is more impressed with the Nashville area than he was with Kentucky, calling it a “pretty place” compared to Kentucky, “a pretty hard place.” His biggest complaint is that he doesn’t hear more from home. He urges his parents to write and asks them to buy him stamps since they are hard to come by in Tennessee.

March the 13 1862

Illustration from an envelope containing a letter from Harrison DeWaters

Dear Father and Mother I received Ann and Melissa letter March 13 and thought i would write you a few lines back   we got in this place last night abought 9 o clock and pitch our tents eneywhare we could till morning   we puled up and moved about 20 roads [miles] and sat down again   we dont no how long we shal stay here   we are in Tennassee about 3 miles from Nashville    it is a pretty large place    the rebles has tore up the bridg so we hafto cross in a boat   it is a pretty place round here but in Kentucky is a pretty hard place   the fences is all burnt down and houses    some has left thare house and every thing in it and run away but thare is some left yet    thare is 4 rigements here in our brigade    thare is some artilery here to    we get anought to eat now    we hafto cook it    Ann said that you was all well    i am well    Uncle joseph is not very well    we left him behind yesterdy but he is acomeing to day    have you got my letter i wrote last    if you have i want you to write    i was glad to hear from Ann and Melissa    it was the first news i had heard   i want you all to write for i cant write all the time    you have onely one to write and i have a good meny    tell uncle jerimire [Jeremiah] to write    it bothers me to get stamp   i want you to send me 2 dollars worth of stamps for i cant get them here    so i must bring my letter to a close for they want me to go and get some wood    tell them all to write dont forget and keep the rest of the money    i can get paper and envelup enough    so good by from your [son] O.H Dewaters

Direct your letters to Louisville Kentucky Co H 13 Mich infantry
Yours Truly
so good by
so good by

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