Write Soon!

By the end of March, Harrison has been away from home longer than he has ever been. He seems homesick and aches for news from home. As in his previous letter, he asks them to send him stamps, pens, and paper. Almost as an afterthought, he mentions that the unit has been drilling all afternoon but many of the men are sick. He asks his parents to look after his wheat crop but still hopes to be home by the fall.

He closes his letter by reminding his parents of his mailing address and pleads with them to “Write Soon!”

Illustration from an envelope sent by Harrison DeWaters to his sister Ann

March the 24 1862

Now having a chance to send you a few lines i thought i would write you a few lines    Mr Patterson said he would take them to Kalamazoo as i have wrote you 3 letters and have not got eny but the one that Ann sent    i would be glad to here from you i sent one with $5 dollars in it    i wanted you to send me some postage stamp    we cant get eny here  i want you to send them wire if you can  i sent for two dollars worth of them and keep the rest of the money till next fall  we dont here eny news here i want you to send me some Pens papers it will cost one cent  it make me feel good to here some news  our rigement is pretty hard up we got one 100 hundred out on drill this after noon the rest is all sick  i am well at present    Unkle Joseph is pretty well  i hope you are well  i would like to be with you but i cant at present but hoping we shal bee together next fall i hope    i want you to harvest my wheat and take care of it  things is pretty hi here i cant write much more now so good by
                                                                                                                                yours truly

From your son OH Dewater
Direct your letters to
Louisville Kenticky
13 Mich Infantry Co H

Write Soon

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