Although Harrison carelessly dated this letter as January, it must have been about the first of June. The Confederate Army retreated from Corinth on May 29.  Corinth was a key railroad junction in the northeastern corner of Mississippi. On June 2, 1862, the 13th Michigan was ordered to march east along one of those railroads to repair it for the Union Army to use. When he wrote this letter, though, in which he describes the damage and destruction in the city, the regiment has still not left Corinth.

Harrison also discusses his plans to eventually send some of his pay home and, as he has for months, asks his father to harvest his wheat for him. Even in the midst of war, he is thinking about his finances.

Trains assembled at the Corinth railroad station on May 29, 1862

January 1862 [probably June 1862]

Camp Near Corinth in                        

Dear Father and Mother it is with much pleasure that i take this opertunity of scribbling a few lines to you to let you no how i am getting along  i am well at present and hope these few lines will find you the same   we have waved the flag over the place ware we have ben longing for they left Corinth the 29th of May about daylight   we was out at our brestworks that night we got up in the morning and heard them blowing up the place and heard the smoke   our boys son[soon] left for that place   we went in thare yestarday and have just got back and thought i would let you no what i have seen i have seen the grate citty of Corinth   it is quite a little place but they burnt most of the large buildings that was worth much   the sitazens all left but one or two families   the place looks loansome the Rebels left lots of these things   we found houses left with a house full of furniture the best kind they thought that they would get away but i guess that they will get stoped  we heard that our folks took a number of thousands how maney we dont no   i suppose you will hear all about [it] before you get this but you will no [know] it is so   they was a few left thare some was sick some run away and come to our camp and they say that 3 regiments stacked there arms when they left the last ones and said that they wouldnot fight eney more   they think that they will not fight eney more   when they left here they went in 3 ways so the Rebels that we took prisoners they think that they will not get together again   Unkle Joseph is well   we received our pay a few days ago and i havnot sent eney money home yet we thought it would not bee very saft they was so many sending it home so i thought i wood keep it a while yet   Mr holms is well and send his respects to you all   when you write tell me how wheat looks and if i dont get home in time to take car of it i want you to take car of it i would like to be there to take car of it but i dont think i can but think i shal bee home [in] time to take the money i think so good bey Write soon  i send my love to you all This from your son OH Dewaters

Direct to the same place tell them all to write excuse all mustakes so good by

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