Standing Picket


In early August, still camped in northwest Alabama, Harrison takes some time to reply to a letter from his sister Ann. Unlike his earlier letters, he doesn’t talk much about army life other than to acknowledge that he has to stand picket, that is, guard duty, every other day. He continues to be interested in his farm where the wheat is ripening and ready for harvest. He also makes inquiries about money he has sent home and encourages Ann as well as other family members to write. When soldiers were in camp and no battle loomed, they had long hours to fill and so wanted to hear all the news from home.


Illustration at the top of this letter's stationary

Miss Ann Dewaters

Camp  Stevenson
13 Reg. Mich
 Volunteers Company H

August Monday the 11 1862

Dear sister your letter was received  the/9 and was glad to hear from you to hear that you was all well   i am well and hope these few lines will find you the same   Unkle joseph is well and you said that you had not heard from me in some time   i have written 2 or 3 letters sence i received them stamps   i got them and they are most all gon and about my wheat tell father to sel it if he can get 1 dollar then it won’t pay me for puting it in   if he cant sell it to give it for thrashing and harvesting then my work will last summer will be gon up but never muny[money] tell him to get that money from Mr Husk and what i sent home and what little thats left of the wheat get it to geather when it comes dew and tell me how much it all makes and let me no as soon as you can so that when we get our pay next time i can rais it a little more for i don’t no but what i shal want to use it and i want to get it to geather so i can lay my hand on it any time    we hafto stand picket most every other day   tell all of the folks that the boys is all well and send there best respects to them   i got Melissa letter when i did yours but have not had time to write   tell father to send me a dollars worth of stamps   so i cant think of any more at present so good by for this time   this from your Brother Harrison Dewaters To Ann DeWaters   tell mother that i have not forgotten hur tell hur that she must write i send my love to all tell mother to keep hur part so good Bey

Harrison DeWaters
Mrs. Elen Dewaters
tell them all to   write write

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