Line of Communications is open again

There is something of a light-hearted air to this letter that Harrison wrote in mid-March from Fayetteville, NC. He pokes fun at the Southern dialect (“We-uns”), complains they haven’t received any mail or crackers, and jokes that the rebels “skedaddled” without firing a gun. In closing, he asks Ann to distribute something (“Bill”) among family members – “Bill” probably refers to Confederate currency.

Dewater also muses that the men have all seen enough of the southern countryside and doubts that any of them will have any real desire to return to the South after the war. While he is hopeful that the fighting will end soon, the tone of his letter suggests that the general feeling is the end of the war is finally near.

U.S. Arsenal at Fayetteville, North Carolina; Harper’s Weekly, April 1, 1865


Miss Ann Dewaters


Camp 13th Mich Vet. Vol. Inft.
Fayetteville North Carolina
March 14th 1865

Miss Ann Dewaters
Absent Sister

once more we ar permitted to let our Friends hear from us by way of Scribling on Paper we have once more opened our Line of Communications but have not Received aney mail nor Crackers yet but Expect them Soon the Sooner the better for Weuns as the People calls it hear the Armey crossed the River yestarday or the most of them the Rebls Burned 2 very large Bridges across the River they did not Stop us not a minute they said they was going to give us a Chickamagua but they left with firing a Gun hardly they was out about ½ Mile in our Front yestarday but our Boys Soon made them Skedaddle they killed one of the Boys in our Brigade out of the 21st Mich last Night I have not much News for we have not Seen a Paper in most 2 Months the boys ar Writing I supose they will tell you or So you will hear about it I Scribled Father a few lines Sunday the 12th Alain Sits by my Side he is well & all of the Boys that is from that way tell Gilbert Abrams that lived on Hayles place when he left one year ago is hear now a Soldier in Co H 13th Mich he is not very well now he thinks he has Seen all of the South that he cars about Seeing we have Seen a Rite Smart of the Southern World I dont think aney of the Soldiers will wanto Travle much when they get Home I think most of them will See Enough of this so they will be Satisfide to Stay at Home wal I must Soon close for they ar calling for the Mail I think that Tip is good for 2 years yet if they hold out but I guess they will conclude they had better come to time I think they will Soon lay down there Armes So the Soldiers can all com Home next fall So I must close give my respects to all when we get whare we ar going to Stop a few Days I will write all of the Paticulars I have no Ink So you will hafto excuse my Pencil & Mistaks write Soon & Oblige your

Brother far away
O.H. DeWaters
Excuse Mistaks

 Direct Co H 13th Mich
2nd Brigade 1st Division
14th A.C.

OH DeWaters

Ann you can have
one of thes Bill &
let Alice have one
& Elmer have one
& the Rest you can
let the Children have
Divide it
let all have
let Malissa
Children have some


official Buisiness

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