Harrison begins this letter to his mother telling her that he has been wounded, but not to worry. As he has started to do in several recent letters, he refers to himself in the third person by his nickname, Tip. He reassures her there is nothing to worry about, that it is a minor wound in his ankle. He has already been released from the hospital and is getting around on crutches.

Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

A week before this letter, the 13th Michigan engaged in its final major combat of the Civil War in a battle near Bentonville, NC. Although the actual fighting seems to have been something of a standoff, the Confederate Army under General Joseph E. Johnston had been forced to retreat. General William Tecumseh Sherman’s Army, of which the 13th Michigan was part, did not bother to pursue Johnston, perhaps recognizing there was no need for further bloodshed in a war that was winding down.

Tip closes by reassuring his mother that she need not worry. He’ll take care of himself as well as he can. He expects to be better in about four weeks, unless he gets a cold in it – which may mean an infection.


Mrs Ann Dewaters
Kalamazoo: Mich
Soldiers letters
7232 Jalls

 Camp 13th Mich V.V.I
Goldsboro North Carolina
Sunday March 26th 1865

Mrs Anson Dewaters Esq.

your Son Tip thought he would Scrible you a few lines to Inform you of the Health of Himself & Friends I Supose you will hear all of the Paticlua Paticulars before you Receive this  Wal in the First place we have had a nother Battle & the Boy they call Tip got a Wounded on the Left Ancle but not very Ban I went to the Hospital & yestarday th Docter Hamel of our Regt came Down to the Hospital & I told him I would like to go to the Rgt & he Saw the Docter in charge & he said I mite leave & the Docter let me Ride his Horse & if the Regt dont move I shal Sta with it my Wound is not Bad I can get around with a Cruch we lost out of our Co 5 Wounded & 5 Killed the lost in the Regt is 105 Men Killed Wounded & Missing Alain Holmes & Tip of the Boys of our Way was all that was hurt Orin & Brewer is all rite our Major was Killed thar was 15 Killed 82 Wounded 12 Missing in the hole Regt So you see our Co. lost pretty heavy will not Write the Paticulars for you will her it in the Papers I Saw David Coleman & Mrs Leath Bay the ather Day I cant Write much to day but I will Write all of the Paticulars the next time I Set beside a large Tree & the other Boys ar Building our houses or Tent my Wound feels pretty Well I was around on it. Sinc yestarday & it did not feel very well last night I think I Shal be well in about 4 Weeks if I dont take cold in it we have not Received any Male in 2 months I hope we Shal get Some in a few Days So I will close excuse all mistaks & I will close hope soon to hear from this my Respects to all tell Ann I wish her much joy this from

your Son
OH Dewaters

you need not
worry about Tip
for I will take
care of my self as
well as I can

OH Dewaters

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