Joseph to Ann

In this first letter, Joseph thanks Ann for writing to him and Harrison. He’s glad to hear she’s in good health. He says his health is not good but improving although he has a back problem that he thinks might qualify for a discharge. On the other hand, Harrison is fat and healthy.

Joseph wishes they could be home for some pork and buckwheat pancakes but since they can’t be there, he says Ann will have to eat for them. He tells her that they have moved around a lot but for the last ten days have been camped outside of Nashville.  He closes by urging her to write again as soon as she receives his letter.

Miss Ann D. dewarters
Kalamazoo Michagan
Solgers litter

Desember the 3 /62

Joseph mentions in his letter that his regiments is “going to have a general run this afternoon by our new General Rosencrans” (i.e., Union general, William S. Rosencrans)

Miss And Dewaters it is With grat plaser that I have the optunetry to ancer your kind leter tha harisoan and mie self resved froam you and wee Was vary glad to hear that your helth was good Wee liki to hear froam oure friends if tha are a good was of wee wood like to hear froam you Evry Week Wee doant hav the privleg of riting When wee want o but doant wat for ous for you can rit when you want to Wee wood like to see you all vary much harisoan and mie self wish this moring that wee cod be with you at hoame and Eat soam fresh pork and buck wheat caks but I doant think wee can rit of but you must Eat the more and think or ous get soan good bisket and butter a bout Newears and if wee ant thar to help you Eat it wee will wish you well and wee will think of you Wee have ben all over kentuck and back to Nashville wee are in camp 3 miels south of Nashville wee hav ben hear a bout ten dayes Wee are a goant to hav a general rune this after noon bie oure new general rosrerant mie helth is not vary good at present it is beter then it has ben mie back has trub me soam but I wont give op tha say I can get mie discharge if I wanto but as long as I can get a round I shall sta Harsoan is fat and well at present oure rigment hant but 200 hundar fit for dutey it doant look much as it did when wee left hoame soe Noe more at present soe good bye

 *along side of first page* – this froam your ankle Joseph Dwaters Ancer ths as soon as soon as you get this

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