In a Different Hospital

In early April 1863, Joseph again writes to Ann. He has been moved to a hospital in Louisville, Kentucky and has had a very difficult month. He spent three weeks confined to his bed because he developed gangrene in his wound. The doctors treated it with a bromine solution that burned the surrounding tissue and left him with a large blister. Bromine solutions were effective on some gangrene infections and helped surgeons avoid the necessity for amputation, the only other way to keep it from spreading.

Joseph is starting to show his frustration with the lengthy hospitalization but tries to keep a positive outlook. He had hoped that he would be moved to a hospital in Detroit, closer to home in Oshtemo, but he ended up in Louisville and is resigned to that.

He concludes by telling Ann about the letters he has received and exchanged with Harrison and indicates that there is an expectation of another major battle soon.

Notice the unique spelling for Kalamazoo on the envelope used to mail this letter.

Miss Anna Dewatters

April the 6 1863 Ward I
Luesvill kentuck Houspitel No 8


Miss DeWaters i Now take mi pen in hand to let you noe whar i am at present and how i am getin a long and To let you noe that i reseved your fine and exelent leter i reseved your Leter last week i hav waited ontill now i was to be sent to the nearist houspitell Nearst hoam soe i thought i should goe To detroit michigan but i gess it is plad out i hav got to luesvill and stop i gess i cant get Eney farthre i am contented Wha Evr i am thar is no use in frten i hav got to do as tha say i hav got a vary bad lage it has ben worse i have  had  what is cald the gran grean in mi wound i had it burnt out with Broomad it was a hard job i had a Blister burnt as big as mi hand i hav ben confind to mi bed moast 3 weeks but i Am som beter now and i cant hop i shall get a long now i cant bar noe heft on mi lag nor i cant straten it i am geten Tier a stain in a hospitel i hav ben lame goan on for months but i hav got to Take tim to get well you spoke a bout harison i got The boax and i put harison things in a nother boax and sent them to him bye a man that belong to ourr Brigad and i had a leter froam harisoan And he rot to me and sed he had got the boax i hav rot three leters to Harisoan sence and he rot at me and sed he had not got noe leters froam me i rot a gain and sent him a paper he is well tell Jermiah i ges lues will coam hoam this week wee expect a Nother hard fit in front it is goant to be a hard strugle the south moust coam down tha cant stan much longer Noe more at present soe good by
                                                                                                                Joseph DeWaters To
                                                                                                                His Neast
i Will rit in a few dayes And let you now whar i go to rit all the newes thar  Was a man left this houspitell With the small poax  we hav all ben vacnted to day

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