Doctors Paid Per Patient

Another month has passed and Joseph is still in a hospital although he has now been moved to New Albany, Indiana just across the Ohio River from Louisville. He is clearly disappointed that he has not been sent to the Detroit hospital. He speculates that the doctors are reluctant to send them because they get paid by the number of patients they treat. If they send the soldiers to their home state, they receive less pay.

Joseph says that he hasn’t received any letters from Harrison recently but hears from others that he is doing fine. He also asks about his children as well as what other people in Oshtemo are doing, including a Mr. Soule who has moved to Allegan County.

Finally, Joseph acknowledges that while his wound has healed, his leg is still too weak to support his weight and he is unable to straighten it. Now, in the middle of May, it has been 4½ months since he was wounded.

May the 12 1863
——– Newalba Indian[a] Hospitel
No 6

 Miss Anna DeWaters i reseved your kind leter soam time a go and Was glad to hear froam you and all The rest of the foax the reasen i did Not rit befor i Expet to be sent to Detroiet thar is a michigan agent coam After all the sick and woond and Hav them goe to thar one state now The doctoar sendin all the michigan  boyes of soe that wee cant get hoam The doctrr hant mad a nuff yet out of The govment tha say tha say tha had ruther bary ten then to discharge one And i blevet it tha hav noe feelen a toal greenbacks [i.e., money] is what tha want i had soam hops of get hoam on a Fourlo but i ges it is plad out i wood Like to see you all i havnt heard froam Harison in soam time i hav riten to Him but had noe ancer but i got a letter Froam one of mi regment tha sad He is well Ann i want you to rit All you no a bout mi childarn  And how was tha dress and What mad Mr soule mooved whar bouts has he goan what prt of Algen What did tha say a bout keeping them Hav you heard jermiah sae Eney thing A bout taken them i rot to jermiah a bout taken them but i havnt heard froam him in a good while mi lage Has heald over but i cant straten it yet nor i cant bar Eney wat on it but i hop it will get soe i can Wee ar in a vary plesent place out of dixa [Dixie] wee cam hear last night i am on free soil and mar i hav riten to Danel 2 or 3 times and havt Heart a word i wood like to have Him rit and all the rest i want you To rit as soone as you get this Drect to indiana Newalbry Hospitel No 6 Noe mor at present soe  good by

                Joseph DeWaters To a
Frend Anna DeWaters

i hav ben and seen the 25 michigan
i hav seen all the boyes

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