Keep Your Nose Clean

This letter to Ann Dewaters is from George W. Clement, a Van Buren County boy. It’s unclear just how he knows Ann but he does ask for any news about her brother Tip. Clement does not provide clues about why he is in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.  Is he in the military? We are not sure at this point. The tone of his letter gives the reader the impression that he is lonely and thinking about home.

June the 19
Gravle iland Mill 1863

I am just as Well as I ever Waas in my Life and i hope you the same Well Here it Goes for the first time an I wish that You Wold Write to Me and tell me How tip is Wether he is aliving or not Write and tell me Whay He is if you Will I wood be very glad to hear from My — old Friend Wonse more an I tell you that My Feet is just as large as they ever was in my life Well An I supose that you Will have a nice time the fourth of July I would like to be there I Would Go too to have a nice time to Well I hant So I Wont go if you Go Write and tell me What for A time you had if you Will Will maby an you cant read this leter if you cant just send — it back to me And I will read it For you if you dont I cant well an remember me For this time

Write soon
as you get this

leter to

chipperwa Falls
chipperwa Co


take car of youre self and keep your noes clean


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