Please Recurperate with Family

Although this letter is dated one week earlier than Charles Cock’s final letter to his brother William, it is probable that Charles had not received it when he wrote on July 25. The letter is from William Henry Frost, a cousin, who read that Charles had been wounded and moved to New York.

Frost makes it clear that his cousin is more than welcome to come to Frost’s home in Dutchess County, some 90 miles north of New York City along the Hudson River. He’s more than happy to meet him either in Poughkeepsie or to pick Charles up in New York if that’s more convenient. There is no further evidence to indicate whether or not Charles did stay with his cousin during his recuperation.

Clinton July 18th  62

Cousin Charles

            I see your name amongst the list of wounded soldiers arrived in New York this week. now if you are able, and can get a permit I want you to come and make your home with us until you are better or well if you can. Come here just as you would to your own home and we will all be happy to do what we can or your comfort I will meet you in Po’keipsie any day you will [let] me know as if you are able to come along I will go to New York for you if you will let me know where you are and when to come, Hattie sends her love. We would all be very glad to have your here with us. 


                                    Direct to Pleasant Plains P.O. Dutchess Co, N,Y,

                                                                                    Truly your cousin
                                                                                    Wm Henry Frost.


                                    To C. F. Cock
                                    New York


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