We were humbuged

Camp Douglas
Jan 24 62



I received your kind letter and was glad to hear that you was well and that Edmond was better you spoke about our troubles we have had a great deal of it as for the pay I dont care so much about it but to be enlisted as a Mech. and in the first regt. of the U.S. and then to be turned over as Ill. infantry we could [have] served in our own state as that and not have been humbuged to but we have got to [do] the best we can I suppose all I ask is good health but I am afraid that I cant stand it for I have been unwell for about 2 weeks and [I am loose] as a snake, I had a letter from home about 2 weeks ago and they were all well and in good spirets[sic] but miss Chet and me very much. I had a letter from James and he said he should try and viset[sic] next month Chet is a going home on a furlough to day but I dont know whether he will come back or not for he has not been properly mustered in and therfore he is not holden I want to get a furlough before I go from here but I dont know whether I can or not but the Captain can let as many go as he has a mind to but he is a perfect old grany there aint a man in this company that likes him, we have found out by Colenl[sic] Muligan that the mustering Oficer[sic] has an order from the war Department to muster out this regt. but the staff Oficer[sic] and the line officer are a perfect set of hounds they stick to it and say that we have got to go any way but I hope that they will get their due and a just one to for they need it now  i want you to remember me when in danger you need not write to me untill you hear from me again

Your affectionate


G.E. Portman

PS I will send Electa a song Composed by a fusilleer[sic] and I thank her very much for writing to me I shall have to quit for I am tired

G.E. Portman

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