I am a Soldier in the 19th regt. of Mich

Covington Oct. 16 1862


Sister after a long time I will endeavor to pen a few lines to let you know that I am a Soldier in the 19th regt. of Mich. and we are camped in Covington Kentucky and are agoing to march from here tomarow the rumor is that we are going to Lexington but I dont know where we are a going nor I dont know as I care so I can serve my country and save the union.  I am as well as usual and the rest of the boys are generaly well I believe if you get this let me know how George is and alsoe[sic] how the rest of the folks are  ther is about 120 thousand troops inside of 15 miles of here but there is some of them leaving all the time and some a coming all of the time so you see they dont diminish much ther  was one division came from Cumberland gap yesterday and the rebels have got possession of it again our men got starved out and had to leave but they destroyed all the property that they could not take with them and then they burnt up about 1 million of dollars of property but they could not help it I have not any more time to write so you will have to excuse bad writing and for I have no chance to write.


So Adieu Dear Sister

G.E. Portman

P.S. direct Co. K. 19th Mich inft

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