I am on guard to day

Camp Granger Lexington

November 1 1862


Dear Sister

I received your letter last night and was glad to hear that you was well but sory[sic] for Georges misfortunes but hope it will not injure him I am not very well today but I am not so bad as not to do Camp duty for I am on guard to day  we mustered for pay yesterday but dont know when we will get it but I hope in a short time for I want to send some home to pay taxes. I dont know when we shall leave here nor anything about it but I am in hopes that when we do it will be for home I think that the rebels is about gone up for there is nothing for them to eat after they leave Kentucky and there is but very few of them in this state now there is a report if it be true that there is to be no fighting on either side for 60 days and that it will be setteled[sic] at the end of that time. I have not seen a armed rebel yet   you must excuse bad writing for I am in a hury and will have to close for the present

Direct as before

Adieu for the present

G.E. Portman

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