Letters to the parents

Camp at Nicholasville


Dear Mother how are you this eavning[sic]  well I hope I am well and tougher than a not[knot]  we received your kind letter this afternoon and was glad to hear from you and to hear that you was well you wanted to know wether[sic] we had a chance to wash or not we do have a good chance and we have every Saturday for that use and nothing else onely[sic] guard and they have monday to do therse[sic] in we have got a wash toab[tub] and wash board in this Company so you can see what a chance we have and I can tell you that we have to just or stand the occurences and they are pretty tough we have been drawing a lot of winter clothes we are going to draw another blanket one more coat one pare[sic] of shoes to pares of socks to shirts one pare of pants to pare of drawers and soon so you can judge wether we are going to be warm or not we have plenty to eat and drink and to wear and that is all a soldier can ask for  Mother I wish you would send one more thing in that box and that is yours and Fathers likenesses that the rest if you can I would like to have them all in one case so I could look at you all at once I want you to understand that I have got just [illegible] write to them as you have to mine

William R Beebe

Write soon


Camp at Nicholsaville[sic]

Dec 5 1862

Dear Father how are you this eavning[sic]  well I hope   I am well and tough as a bear we got your kind letter this afternoon I was glad to hear from you but was sorry to hear that you was sick I want you to write and tell me just as you are every time we have got a new quarter master but he has not acted yet he looks like a pretty smart man our other one resigned and has gone home we have not got any Lieut yet and dont know as we ever will our Col says that we will stay here all winter but I dont spose he knows much about it but I hope he does for we have got very nice camp here and plenty of everything except wood and we have to go about 4 miles before there is much wood  Father I am glad to hear that you are getting along so well with the Debts for I dont know when we shal get our pay there is some hopes of our getting our pay soon I hope we will for we need it to get stamps and paper with we get daly papers everyday now so you need not send any papers they are paying of som of the reg and I guess we will get ours in to or three days no mor  this time so good by from William R Beebe

To James M Beebe

Direct as before                                write soon

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