I am well well and tough as an Oak knot

Camp Danville

Monday Jan 12th 1863

My everlasting beloved Sister Harriet I will try and write a few lines to you although you havent written to me I am well  well and tough as an Oak knot weight 159 ½ lbs and I hope you are as well as I am   I am glad that George is going to get his Discharge for he is not tough enough to stand it  he has had a hard time Since he has been in the army I wish that Old Abe would settle this war up some way or other for it is a takeing a great many lives   one man life is worth all the world to him  there is talk that the Presidents Proclamation is going to raise Ned with the Union but I dont know for my part what it will do the paper says that Indiana Ohio and Kentucky are awful mad at the President for they think it is going to free the Negroes   there is talk of Ky calling her troops homes but I guess that is mixed   Em is married to Elisha Darline They was married Christmas   there was an accident happened here in Camp there was a negro and a white man trying to get the fuse out of a shell it exploded and tore the negro all to pieces he lived about 2 hours the white man was not hurt much

Write often this from Chester Beebe to all of you

Harriet Lewis

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