I am well and fat and look rather rough

Camp near Danville Ky Jan 12


Dear Sister

I will write a few lines to you I am well and fat and look rather rough I will if you will permit me to send you a dollar in this letter to you and you must not get mad if I tell you what I want you to do with it for I think you have a hard time out there and a hard row to hoe I want you to spend it in paper envelopes and stamps for I like to have you write to me as often as you can I am glad to hear that George is agoing to get his discharge you must not look for our folks out there this winter for I shant let them have my horse to go with if Lew is agoing to go to for if he cant cut wood for his own Mother he cant ride after my horse  nor use my things Mother has had to with Marissa to help her cut all of her own wood and do all of her own chores I have the blues sometimes when I get to thinking of home but I keep such thoughts away as much as I can I will send this in Julians letter now excuse mistakes and write soon


From your affectionate brother

G.E. Portman

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