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Brady Jan 23 – 63

Dear Sister and Friends

I will try and write you a few lines to let you know that we are all well and hope this will find you the same it is raining here to night and there is no sleighing here I will send you some money and Hariet I should haf sent it befor now but there is no money to be had I am to work in A saw mill this winter Em Wright is maried to E. Darling I am going to work the plase this summer if not I shall move out there this spring I wish you was out here Hariet for Mr Dutton house keeper is sick and he would be glad to get you to work there and if you could you and him mite splice who knows I cannot write much to night give our love to the family Hariet Rachel says that if we dont  moove there next spring that we will come out there next winter and make you A great long visit and she sends her love to you Folks and Garners Folks and would be very glad to have them and you to write no more

Lewis Portman


Dear Sister and Friends

I will try and write a little to you this stormy night we are well the baby crowes [grows]and is as fat as a little pig Gid and Chet are well as was when we heard from them last Porter Dingman is dead he was in the army with the boys there was a funeral here yesterday of a boy about sixteene years old that makes six that has dide since the first of august right here in our own neighborhood Richard Worthington is dead his body was sent home from Tennesee Will Wandle is married to Mrs Malery and Same Wandle is dead he dide in Washington it is very sickly here there is two more in this neighborhood that was just a live this morning Aunt Electa is sick she has the rhuematism Betsy and John Wherly and Em and James McInter was here today they are all well it is quite doubtful about there coming out there this winter for John has sold part of his land and he has got to put up a new house to live in it is a getting late and I have wrote all of the news so I will stop for the present I wish you would write and let us know where James P is we have not hered from him since I was out there ma sends her love to you all and I do the same write as soon as you get this good night to you my sister

your sister

Marissa Beebe

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