Three letters to a Sister

Camp near Danville K.Y. Jan 25 63

Dear Sister

I was glad to hear from you and that you was well I am well as usual I have just came in off inspection there is nothing in particular agoing [sic] on here. John Whaley resigned about six weeks ago and is at home. We have got marching orders and I suppose we start tomorrow but I don’t [sic] know where we are agoing [sic] to. I think that we are elected for three years in this war for I dont [sic] believe that we can ever whip them out and as for settleing [sic] there is no use of talking but never mind I can stand it for I like soldering first rate and would never do anything else if it weren’t for Mother but as it is the sooner I get home the better. I dont [sic]know hardly what to write I have not got those papers that you said you had sent to me but will probably get them to night. I would be very glad if George could get his discharges there is some been discharged from this regt. but as a general thing they cant only by death it was a wrong act of Congress to withdraw the act of giving soldiers sick furloughs for there would have been a great many men liveing [sic]now that have died for want of care I dont [sic]know hardly what to write for the boys are talking so much that it is almost imposible[sic] to think of anything now Hariet [sic] if you will excuse me I will stop by signing myself your affectionate Brother G.E. Portman


Camp at Danville Ky

Sunday Jan 25th 1863

Well Harriet we have got to leave here I suppose tomorrow morning I dont [sic]know where we will go but I suppose we will go to Frankfort Ky but we can only guess at it some say we are going to Vicksburg Miss but I hardly think it is true I am well and tonight I weigh over 161 ½ lbs and feel good all the time I received a letter from Marissa the 23 she was well so was all but your Mother she had been sick but was well when she wrote write what you think about the war and when you think it will play out you must excuse his short letter for it is busy time today for me excuse this pencil and I will do better next time Chester Beebe to Harriet Lewis


I thought the sheet was full but I looked over and saw more room so will tell you what I think about this war think the Abolishionist [sic]and such is the whole cause of this rebelion [sic]for my part I don’t [sic] believe in takeing [sic]one milion [sic]and a half white mens [sic]life for the sake of slavery but I am not in favor of Slavery any more than I ever was but the Slaves of this state as a general thing are very well as well as the poor people of the North they have days to spend as they chose and they have nights to themselves they never get married by law they marry only for a certain length of time they are free anytime as far as that is concerned but I think we never will whip the south in the world they will have to compromise sooner or later and I hope it will be sooner no more this time give my love to all the friends

Chester Beebe

Harriet Lewis Dallas Mich

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