I am in the regimental hospital

Febuary 23th 1863

Brentwood Ten

Dear Sister

I now seat my self to write a few lines in answer to yours which I received in due time and was very glad to hear from you and to hear that you was well I am not very well I have ben sick a long time but I am geting beter now I am very weak and dont feel much like a good soldier We are now ten miles from Nashville towards Murfreesboro and just so much nearer the foe and when we get orders to march again I want to be able to take my gun and go with them and show my good will for my country We had a great time here to day our general made a long speech to us and two other Colonels and it was enough to make a good patriot of a reb to listen to them I am in the regimental hospital now and that Chet Beebe who use to come up to our house is takeing care of me he sends his best respects to you and all of the rest Chet is not very well he has got the ague I guess though he is around and able to do duty tell the girls they must excuse me for this time for I dont feel able to write a very long one and my hand trembles some We are on a very prety spot of ground It is in the woods and on a litle hill the I railroad on one on one side and the turn pike on the other it is the best part of the World and all most all of it laid in ruin the fences are burnt for miles it looks hard to a man who likes to see things look nice around him you must excuse me for this time for I cant write much this from your ever true and affectionate Brother G E Portman

Direct to Co K 19 reg Mich Fifty First Brigade 3 division army of Kentuckey Rosencrantz Corps

Via Louis Ville



Co 19 19th Reg. Mich

Fifty Rosencrantz Armey

First Brigade 3 Division army

of Kentucky Via Louis

Ville Ky

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