Waiting to March

Headquarters camp at Brentwood Camp Comp. K

March the 1 1863


Dear Father Mother Sister and Brothers how are you to day well at least I hope so I am well again and if any thing A little tougher than before Chester is still on the gain I wrote A letter onely yesterday but I am bound to answer every letter that I get from home there is grate hopes of getting our pay next week in my last letter I told you that we had got orders to March for Kentucky so we had but the order is countermanded and we are to hold ourselves in readings to reenforse a forse that is at franklin we expect an atack there soon and they May atack us here there has been rebels seen within 2 miles of camp but not more than 50 at A time rebel Signal lites Could be plainly seen from where I am writing night before last and was the night that they Come in site of our pickets our Brigadier Generals name is John Colbren our Col name is Gilbert our majors name is William Shafter it is getting dark and I must stop


Good night Folkses

William R. Beebe


Good Morning all how are you all this morning well I hope. I am the same old bill toughest pill in the box Chester is Better this Morning I think he is going to get wright along he is pretty week [sic] yet Mathew T Corwin is pretty sick with the Camp trot I have got it stoped on me and my Bowels are regular again that and lice is the two hardest things to guard against I have just got done washing A shirt for Chet and one for Myself I am getting  so I can wash pretty handy Father if I get my money when we are hear how had I better send it there is about as much Danger to send it by express as by mail from hear far the express Company wont be responcible for nothing thats taken by the enemy and think there is more Danger of the express being taken than the mail but I don’t know will send it as you Say Mother you can send them likenesses just as quick as you get them they will follow the regt let it go where it may I cant get on this sheet what I would like to write but it will be as much as you will study out for I don’t Spose you can read it without studing it two or three days there was A letter came to Gid last night but poor boy never will read it he lays in A soldiers grave where many of the noblest men of Michigan lay and where I shant be ashamed to lay if it should happen to be my fate

Direct to Nashville                           this from William Beebe

Write soon

To his Friends at home


Eggs is 25 cents per dozen

Egs is 25 cents per dozen out hear cookies-3-for-5 cents Candy 2-sticks for-5-cents 3-apples for A dime and A piece of Corn bread as big as you use to cook for one meal wood fetch $1 1/2 one Dolar and ahalf hear it don’t take but A small piece to fetch $50 cents biscuitte A man wood have to get two months pay and then net out the Sutter any thing to get enough for one meal but hard Crackers homeny rice beans Choffie tea Sheep hogs Chickens geese turkes I don’t Cost nothing so yay you can bet we don’t go hungery


(Note: The stationery features artwork depicting a soldier with a flag above a Union camp. Above it, Beebe wrote: “Long may it wave over the land of the free and Jeff Davises grave.”

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