Gideon is Dead

Camp near Brentwood

March 15th/63


Dear Sister and Friends I received a line from you to Gid I read it and will now try and answer it Gideon is dead he died in Feb the 27th with the Chronic Diarea he died very easy there was a man lay by the side of him LB Mattice and he did not know when he died he must of died very easy I was about dead when he died I could not walk 40 rods to save my life I could do nothing for him myself but he had good care I think I have been sick over 3 weeks but I am on the gain and I guess I will come out alive but our regt is is [sic] all taken Prisoners but one company and the sick there is only 30 men fit for duty now in the 19th they have sent to the Governor of Mich to call us home our men are at Shelbyville now they are parolled and will go home in a few days we got a letter from the Capt and that is what he seyed there is no one that you know that is wounded there is but very few of our men that is killed there is 4 wounded men out of our Comp they are mostly wounded in the legs nine are dangerously wounded I am very very sorry you lost your horse for it has thrown you out of a team you can write to me if you will Your affectionate Brother C M Beebe to Harriet Lewis

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