Murfreesboro Team

Murfreesboro Team

Saturday Augst 21st/63


Friend and Sister Harriet I reed your letter this after noon it found me well. I was on Pickett last night we had a good time. our whole Regt goes on Pickett 1/4 of the time the regt is not very healthy now but I think it is as healthy as any of the regiments in the service but it is so awful hot here and South of here that a white man cant any more than live and lay in his tent it is a kind of an under ground heat it is mad caused by lime Stone it is one Solid lime Stone Rock for 40 miles Sqare Nashville stands about in the center of it, I dont know as there is any use of writing any war news to you for you get it about as fast as I do but I will tell you that Rosecrans is making his head quarters at Steveson Alabama his Suply trains were crossing the Cumberland Mountains yesterday the report is that Bragg is a going to give Battle at Chattanoga Tenn but he cant Stand Rosecrans heavy guns if he felt so disposed

there was two large freight trains of Pontoon Boats went south yesterday morning early I guess they will make a good walk for this Army to cross to Chattanoga on. I expect to hear soon of the whole Army being in Chattanoga but I may get fooled. we are doing guard duty around Murfreesboro and I think likely we will perhaps all summer I would as live stay here during the heat of the Summer I think George has had a very hard time but he has help do a big thing he has tasted hunger as well as us unlucky Scamps that was prisoners last spring. I pity a man that has to go so long with out food when they get their regular meals they dont get any more than they need I dont think there is any news to ad so I will bring this to a close by asking you to write again respectfully your Brother Chester to Harriet Lewis


Murfreesboro Tenn

Saturday night

August 21st/63


I am writing to my Niece Electa Lewis and I hope you are well for I am and doing well I received a letter from home to day the folks were well as far as I know my father has been very sick but is getting better now but he cant stand yet on his limbs the cars is ratling around so that I cant think of any thing to write and it is getting dark and I will stop for the night be a good girl till morning August 22nd/63 and I am well and hope you are also we was called up this morning at 3 in the morning and formed in line of Battle and stood there till light the report is that Gen Forest is within 8 miles of us with 8000Calvalry but I dont credit the yarn at all your will have to excuse this short letter and poor spelling and writing there is no news to write no more this time Chester M Beebe to Electa Lewis

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