May 17, 1863 I am in command of half of the camp

Lee Barracks  May 17th 1863

Dear Friends  I have a chance to send you a little word by one of my men going to Paw. Paw. & will leave this in Kall.  I am in command of half of the camp & act as orderly Sergent  I took 50 men to church tonight we were adressed by a track distributer of the army now I must write all the time until 12 oclock & call the roll in the morning at 6 oclock.  I am having good times & am on the good side of all the Officers.  all of Capt Douglasses men & all of Sprolls men another Capt & a few other men are under my Command.  I should get a furlow if I was not so busy.  tell sis to write to me & all of the rest but I must close for the man is going.  so good By.       S.F. McOmber


Addressed to Mrs. L.M. Denison




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