May 26, 1863 I wish you would write for it is lonesome here enough.

Lee Barracks  May 26th 1863

Dear Friend  I have one letter in hand which came from home & it is all that I have received from you & then you have not the letters I sent to you to old Kal.  I am to have a Furlow of two days after we are mustered   I wish you would send me those things which I sent for.  for I am in great need of them.  I am still Act. Orderly of our Company.  We [have] 78 men in Camp or rather on the roll   26 on furlow and the reast here in my charge.  I am going to go home by Detroit & in Company of the Lieut—which Anderson.

I wish you would write for it is lonesome here enough.  I took 35 men down town last night to Bathe  we have fine times here some time & not so good at others.  But I must close for I have business  so good by  tell sis to write again & see if she can tell her Brother when I come home we will be muster some time but when is the question  not before two weeks any-way.  So good by



Addressed to Mrs  L.M. Denison



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