July 27, 1863 I am General Towns Orderly Sergt

Amissville  July 27th Virginia

12 miles from Washington.

I shall now send my letter to you before I could not  I am General Towns Orderly Sergt & My business is to carry Dispatches from one part of the Brigade to the other or in other words I am one of the Gen’s Aid de Camps.  I have an awfull caught mostly nights  think I shall stand it better now that I can sleep indoors.  Oliver Perry that was in the 5 Mich Cav is missing.  Probally Shot  so is George Fish in the same Co [as]  Capt Judson!  I road all the way from Hagerstown to Harpers Ferry with Perry.  How bad his folks will feel.  Perhaps he was only Gobbled by the Rebs.  Jim Vantage was out looking for his horse & the Rebs Gobbled him but he got away next day & came into Camp without Hat or Coat.  Amediately I was ordered to take 15 Fifteen men & go on a Scout taking Jim for Guide but the Rebs were to sharp for us & we did not see any until when Returning.  I allowed a Corporal to take charge of the men & move on Slowly while Jim & I went into a house & got some Sesesh Hunny.  While we were feasting & having a good time up comes three Rebs telling us to surrender.  I replyed by discharging my Revolver at the head of one  & as that was the Signal my men came back on the Run & Rebs Skedaddled.  I chaced them most a mile & then Returned to camp.  Yesterday one of the Generals Orderlys with 10 men searching for corn Ran onto a house whare there were 25 Rebs & a Lieut eating their dinner.  He ordered the boys to fire & they did & Killed two Rebs at the table but the Rebs when the boys turned to Run shot two & wounded another of our men.  We dont guard any more Rebs Hen Roosts since they left Pen—a [i.e., Pennsylvania] but I must Close so good by  Oh tell Lillie that the little niggre girls here run around lose & about half naked & grinning from Ear to Ear.  I am in a hurry for dinner so Good by


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