August 8, 1863 In Washington Junction

Washington Junction

August 8th / 63

Dear Friends

I thought I would write again to you a few lines.  I am at present with the Reg  But expect to go to Washington in a few days as I have had my horse shot.  I have not yet got my money of Lieut Anderson but shall as soon as we get our pay.  He was taken prisner but has been Parolled and as the Rebs took all his money from him he can not pay me until he gets his pay but I am shure of it.  I most got gobbled the other day.  I had been out forageing sevral times and got aquainted with some pretty Sesech girls out in the Country so one day I thought I would go see them all alone.  Well just before I got to the house I heard some one fire two Shots –I stoped & in a moment out came a 5th New York boy jumped on his horse & came out to me  he said the house was full of Rebs that he & two other Rode up to the house & the Rebs fired & shot one boy & killed his horse then they took them Prisners but he when they took away his Revolver he jirked out on of his secesh Revolvers & shot two of them & Run.  that night I took a Squad of men & went to the house but the Rebs was gone.  I found out of an old nigger that they had (that is the Rebs) stoped there in the Afternoon to take me prisner but they got fooled.  ha-ha-ha!!  I will close now & tell Lillie that I wish I could send here a hard tack.  so good night.  Direct Letters to Washington 7 Mich Cav Care of Capt Douglass

Captain R. F. Judson

Captain R. F. Judson


August 9th

Today is Sunday but who would believe it.  Yesterday it was all still but today we have Regimental & Brigade Inspection.  All is bustle & Confution.  Now that all the Reg are out on inspection I set down to write my lettre.  Oh how lonely hungry I get some times without any thing to eat.  I have been three days without any thing to eat but 10 hard tack.  now we have a plenty but do not know how long it will last.  I have been over to the 5th Mich Reg & found John Glover & lots of the boys that I new knew in Kalamazoo.  Sergt All Randle is Regmental Color Barrer & John Allen that used to Keep the gun Shop is Orderly Sergt of Co S.  I have seen Capt Judson from Kalamazoo & had a long talk with him he is on Gen Kilpatricks Staff.  I wonder what folks think in Kalamazoo of Gen Kilpatrick. here the Soldiers Adore him.  he tells the boys that they nead not be care-full to go around a Secech house when they are hungry and you may believe we dont.  Our brigade is the pet of the Division they are all Michigan Men.  the 1st 5th 6th & 7th all togather.  I hope we will go to Washington the whole Reg. and I think we will Soon.  We have been on a Active Campaign long Enough.  I dont like the Idear of going into camp a Farfa [ie., at Fairfax] where we will be on picket all the time.  but hope we may go & Encamp on Meridian hill in Washington so that when the Inspector General comes and finds only 152 men in a Regt of 12 Co’s we will be Mustered out of the Service paid & sent home.  I must confess I am Sick of the Service but Still will Stick it through. I am well & hardy as any man in the Regt with the Exception of night Caughts and Raise at my lungs.  If you could See me as I set writing my letter in the Shade of a little tree on top of an old pork barrell Setting on a log bare footed without any coat and a Secesh Cap on which I got up to Ammiville.  Shirt britches & hat is all a man can ware here these days.  we are all burned (as the niggers say) black in the face (that is with tan) at present I have a nigger which I call Snowball  he Ran away from his master at Amiville & joined our Regt but could not get anything to Eat so I told him I would take him and feed him if he would clean my horse, cook for me  Saddle my horse when I wanted him saddled & do all my drudgery with which bargin he was much pleased.  I told him the first day that we marched to go out in the fields & take a horse so he got him a good horse & as some one left their saddle behind he got it & then he stole a bridle & blanket & now holds his head up & struts off in his masters old britches with the broad yellow stripe down the legs.  the boys call him Sergt Snowball.  I have a little notion of sending a body louse home in the letter but as it might shock Aunts modesty I guess I wont.  We sometimes take all our clothes off an dig a hole & bury them then build a fire over it & then we can get rid of them for a few day.  but only a few days.  I wish Mother you would write & tell me what Kind of weed it was that you said that if you put it in your clothes they would not trouble you.  I have not seen a piece of butter or drank a cup of tea cince I left home.  We drink Coffee chaw hard Tack swallow Salt pork when we cant get fresh beef.  but still I have got so used to it I like it & only complain when we dont get enough.  Jim Vantuyl at present drives a mule team with Six Grey mules and a big Army wagon to draw.  I wish you would write often & I will.  Send me Kalamazoo papers.  So good by from your Son


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