August 30, 1863 Three Miles from Falmouth

Three Miles from Falmouth

Aug. 30th 1863

Dear Mother.   I am again back with the Reg.  We were relieved from picket day before yesterday.  Yesterday we were on a raid all day from twelve oclock the night before until last night at eleaven.  we went to the mouth of the Aguia creek where it runs into the Potomac.  we went untill we could see over into Maryland.  four miles below the Rebs are in force on this side of the River  also where the Suscuhanah joins the Potomac.  today is Sunday of course is the busyest day in the week.  we have had a General inspection of evrything that resembles house cleaning.  /They Say that we will get payed off in ten days.  if so I will send my money home.  in my last letter I said I would send some change but I sealed up my letter before I thought and as I could not get an other envelop I did not send it and I have had to use my change since but if you will send me the postage Stamps I will make it right.  I have been on picket cince I wrote my last letter within a few rods of Falmouth.  Fredricksburg lays just across the river.  I would not think it strange if I go to Washington tomorrow as I lost my horse last night with the botts.  but prehaps I can get a horse of the niggers.  if I can I shall/ for I hate to leave the Reg.  I will send you a paper of Secesh Needles whish we Captured on our raid.  I got about 50 papers but soald them for 50 cts.  I suppose they were worth more than that but not to me.  I wish you could have had them but I could not get a chance to Send them home.  but I will Send Lillie a ring which I have made her to pay for her little letter.  I whittled it out when on picket down at Falmouth.  I was setting and watching the Rebs on the other side of the River only 20 Rods off from the tree on the Bank beneth which I was setting.  I was thinking of home a- how I would like to get supper at home again.  but our fair is very good at present.  it always is when we can get it.  but the teams can not always get up to the Reg. in case that we can not get our Rations we have to take what we can pick up of the Citizens.  some of them where both Armies have passed are in a Starving condition and others like to be.  & will if the Army remains there long.  but yet they can get it if they will take the oath of Alegance and not a cents worth of their property will be disturbed and they can buy of the army at the same rates which it is charged to us which is cheaper than you can get provision in Michigan.  I want you to send me a box by express in a week or so.  so it will reach here when I get my pay.  I want some winter socks thin ones a good pair of buckskin gloves to ride in nights.  I want some with Gantlets.  a pair of good spurrs.  two pairs of wolen drawers but you nead not send them untill you get some money.  why I want thin socks is I will ware them under the Government socks.  and I would like long legs to them.  I captured nine Shirts the other day.  I went out to buy the Cap some chickens and found them buried under the house.  I shall get along well enoug until winter comes or fall when we have to ride all night.  eaven now I am cold some times.  it is very hot in the day times but nights cold 7 damp.  I want also to be carefull on account of my lungs.  I have a sore throat most evry morning when I get up.  I do not do any thing for it because it dose not lay me up for you are considered trying to sherk duty if you go to the Dr without you are so sick that it is most imposible to hold up your head.  I wish you would make me a small cake and send when the box–

Why dont Aunt write.  I write to all of you because I have very little chance to write.  for instance we came into this wood last night a Eleaven oclock.  unsaddled our horses hiched them to the trees & layed down on our blankets.  this morning we saddled & went on inspection.  we have not unsaddled yet.  I write with my back  to a tree setting on the ground faceing the Setting Sun.  I am liable to be called to horse any instant an be off perhaps not to stop again or get off my horse for 50 miles.  I think we will go on a raid again tonight for you know it is Sunday but I must close good by

From you Aff Son

S.F. McOmber

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