Sept. 4 & 5, 1863 We have had lively times cinse my last letter

September 4th 1863

Camp in the old place.  rear of Falmouth.


Dear Mother.  I am well at the present.  We have had lively times cinse my last letter.  You doubtless have heard that we went on a reconnortrance [reconnaissance] in force under Kilpatrick we sunk two gun boats.  I also have been to the junction (Warington junction) 30 miles in the rear)  So that in 4 days I have traviled a distance of 120 miles killed one horse & foundered an other.  We ride one horse until he falls down and then get another if you can.  which is generaly easy enough.


September 5.  I have just returned off from a raid and brought into camp some sweet potatoes green corn and aples & peaches all of which goes well.  Also have just received your letter of the 30th from which I am very glad.  I also go the letter which you sent from Grand Father.  I was pained to hear the news of Dicks Sickness.  it nearvess [reminds?]me to be more carefull of my self when out on the night raids.  it is as hot here in the day times as it is in Aug in Mich and as cold nights as in October.  I have just found another blanket which I shall keep.  You may send me some more lockney seed if you will.  to tell the trouth I am not as well today as usual  I have a head ache and a bad cold.  I dont know of much more to write so I will close.

S.F. McOmber

Curatorial Commentary:

This letter is actually two short notes composed over two days. On Friday, September 4, Spencer casually mentions the combat he has seen in recent days. He describes the strain all the riding has placed on his horses.

On Saturday, following a raid on which he acquired some food, he completes his letter. He expresses sympathy for an acquaintance which reminds him to be more careful with his health since the nights are growing colder. Even as he writes, Spencer says he is suffering from a nasty cold.

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