Sept. 5, 1863 Dear Sister Lillie

Sept 5th/63

Dear Sister Lillie

I gess I will write you a few lines.  I wish you could come here and see some of my fine horses.  I have at present 4 wich the Capt put under my charge they are all new horses right from Washington.  and dont look much like our old banged calvary nags but they are not of much use until they get broke in.  which will probably kill most of them.  We see lots of little darkeys here and a few white children sprinkled in like peper mixed with salt.  but I must close sis so good by until next time


Curatorial Commentary:

After finishing a letter to his mother on September 5, Spencer writes a very brief note to his sister. All McOmber talks about are horses and children, nothing of any real consequence. We’re left to wonder if Lillie is a much younger sibling.

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