November 12, 1863 I cannot say I am in very good health.

Racoon Foard  Nov. 12th

Dear Mother & Friends,

I thought I would try again to write you a few lines.  I cannot say I am in very good health.  I think the poison which is in my system is the cause of it.  I have bad sores on my neck & two flesh eating sores on one of my feet I am not as fleshy as I have been in the summer & have cold chills evry other night.  but my apetite is good & my spirits fine.  and I guess that we shall lay still for a few week at Stephensburg & I shall try & recruit up some.  I forgot to tell you in my last letter to use as much of my money as you wish for that!! or any other purpose.  I have been trading horses & have got a dark brown horse.  He is a running horse.  My white horse the Adj took to carry a dispach when one of our reserv picket posts were attacked & he foundered him but I got a good trade for him.  It will be most six weeks before we will receive any more pay & I wish a few dollars so I can buy a few things of the suttlers.  they have just come to the army & have not been with it cince our fight at brand Station.  4 or 5 dollars will be enough.  I can not keep much money with me for there is danger of looseing it or having it stole.  I wish you would send me a couple of envelopes as I am out.  the weather here is fine & by keeping good fire we manage to get through the nights.  I do not feel much like writing now so will say good by.  write as soon as you get this & oblig you aff son

Spencer F. McOmber


This is a short letter in mid-November. He tells his mother to use the money he sent her for whatever she wants. He’s keeping a few dollars to use to buy things from the sutler, a civilian peddler who sold a variety of merchandise to the soldiers.

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