December 19, 1863 Winter Quarters

Mortons foard Dec 19th 63

Dear Mother.

I received a letter today from you also two papers we are on picket here & we have winter quarters in Stephensburg 2 ½ miles from here.  I think we will stay in this vacinity all winter.  we have put up log hutts & covered them with tents.  We stay in camp six days then picket 3 days.  On picket we are on post one hour in five in the day-time one in three nights.  The posts are along the banks of the Rapadan and just across not forty rods off are the Rebs they have the heavest line of pickets but they are all Inf.  The Rebs shoot across sometimes but we are not allowed to shoot on post unless we see them trying to come across   I am not much better that when I rote you my last letter & am afraid I shall be sick.  but do not be af-raid for we go into a good hospital at Stephensburg.  I have made you a ring but can not get an Emmery paper please send me a little piece in your next letter.  I can not finish the ring until I get it.  I have got a gold ring worth 7 dollars which I got tradeing watches.  I want a lot of thread two & wish you would send me some more gutapercia buttons please send some large thick ones like those on Fathers coat.

Monday 21st

I will finish this this morning.  We are all busy here off from Picket & in the Stephensburg building log huts & shanties trying to make our selves comfortable.  I have found out that the Adams Express Co have an office at brandy Station 2 miles from here please send me a box of provisions & a couple pair of Wollen socks & in fact I want lots of things but dont know what to send for prehaps a little dried fruit and a small cake would not go bad.  direct to S.F. McOmber 7th Michigan Cav Co L. Brandy Station.  Virginia.

Please write as soon as you get this & oblige your Son


Curator’s Comments:
Spencer and the 7th Michigan Cavalry have settled into winter quarters in Virginia on one side of the Rapidan River with Confederate troops are on the opposite shore.

McOmber has learned there is an express company office nearby and asks for a variety of items.

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