March 26, 1864 We are having some cold weather hear and now…


Stephenesburg March 26th

Dear Mother


I received a letter from you and Jane & Father. I was much pleased for I have not had one in some time. we are having some cold weather here now and a few days ago we had over a foot of snow but it went off in one day with the sun & wind. I rote you in one letter that I had heard of Grand Fathers death. I do not know what to think of what Father rote of what Lt Hicks says of me but I suppose he knew of me in connection in that affair with Lt Carl. I flogged that Lt & I suppose he did not think it right. but before he goes home to report the actions of others prehaps he had better clear up some reports here which state that while in connection with this reg he never has been in an action with the boys so says boys in his own company. and he never had been in any while I was with the reg. Do you still intend to buy out Darwin if so please let me know. — what is the bargin. I do not think I shall ever go home to stay long for when I am discharged I am goin to Calafornia. but I should like to see you comfortable on a farm for real estate is going to be high by & by. of course you must see that in a few years Green backs will not be worth a penny & they will all be repudiated. now if you have a farm & can raise your own food you will not want money so much as if you lived in a village where you are all of the time spending money for provision. I never shall go into the army again if I ever get out & If I can go to Calafornia I can make more by working for a dollar a day & get the hard cash then if I were to get 4 dollars here. I am well now & do not feel weak & low spirited as I have some times. Oh. please send me a kneedle book & some thread as I lost mine the other day on the skermish line when the rebs maid a small dash over on this side of the river. about 30 of them but got quickley driven back. Tell Sis that if She was here this morning I would give her a ride horse back. we would go up to the Gen Head Qts & hear the band play. we are sending some pickets now a way back to the rapahonoc river as the rebs have made some deminstration in our rear. We are to be inspected tomorrow by Lt Gen Grant. he says he does not want so much Cav & has stopped inlisting for Cav for this army. he is foolish the cavalry has done all that has been done in the last six months. (that is in this army) “Aunt tell Jenny Dailey that I hope that fellow will fool her as she did Hall. and Me.


So good by write soon


From your Aff Son Spencer

Curator’s Comments:
Spencer’s letter sheds some light on the negative reports that he has been told are circulating in Kalamazoo. He thinks it must be about a fight he had with a Lt. Carl. He changes the subject to basically accuse Lt. Hicks, who has been spreading what Spencer feels are false allegations of ducking out of combat. McOmber claims no one has ever seen him accompany the unit into battle.

Spencer then moves on to altogether different topics. The greenbacks, paper currency the U. S. Government issue to pay for the war, he feels will be worthless. In Kalamazoo, she’ll need money for food but on a farm she can raise her own. So he encourages her to buy a farm from someone named Darwin.

He then says that he would never enlist in the Army again if he survives the war. He plans to go to California rather than return to Kalamazoo. Spencer feels his finances will be much better there.

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