McOmber’s April Letters

Spencer McOmber found time in April for six letters, several quite short. There was no serious military action so, other than patrol, he has a bit of time on his hands it seems. At one point, he becomes enthused that his unit is being drilled and re-equipped, a sign, he believes, that they are about to be sent into action. By the end of the month, however, Spencer’s unit has moved just outside Culpepper, Virginia.

Instead, McOmber’s letters mostly report on daily life, wonder why he is not receiving letters from home, and complain about the loneliness of Army life. In one letter, he rejects criticism that he has heard about how the cavalry abuse their horses. It’s not the soldiers but the government and the officers who are responsible because they provide inadequate food.

Such typical soldiers’ complaints and descriptions of camp life are the primary content of these April letters.

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