April 21, 1864 Camp one mile & a half south of Colpepper

Camp one mile & a half south of Colpepper
Apr 21st 1863 (1864)

My Dear Mother.

I will now try and answer your letter of the 10th. I was on picket when I got it at Jacobbs ford and while I was there Gen Kilpatrick bid the boys Good by & we were changed (our Brigade) which was the 2nd Brig – & 3rd Div –) to the 1st Brig – 1st Div — & 1st Army Corps. and after I returned to camp at Stephensburg our camp was broke up & the Brigade had moved to this place. it is a fine place & we have made a good Shanty and I think as well off as though we were in our old camp. I wish if you can before Lt Sergeant leaves Kal – you would send me some Stationary for the Suttlers have all left. Today we had a Grand Review. & saw our new Div Gen. our own Boy General is still with us & I guess will be for we should hate to loose him & he us. Gen Pleasonton, Chief of Cav came over here yesterday and said that we never looked better. I am at present very busy fixing up my shanty. it is larger & better than my old one & I have things comfortable. last night we had just built our bunk & it was not very solled. it was about 5 feet from the Ground & in the night when we were both asleep it fell down. Oh how we laughed but today we fixed it up good. Tell sis I was very much obliged for her letter & that in a day or two when I have time I will answer it. I must close now so good by.
From your Aff Son

S. F. McOmber



Head Quarters 7th Mich Cav
Camp near Colpeper  Apr 25th

My Dear Mother.

I take this opertunity to write you a few lines as I do not know when and where I shall get an other chance. We are now under marching orders and probally we soon shall have some fun. We are at present in sight of the Reb camp and we have just drawn in our outer picket line and I guess that we will all soon move to Colpeper & let the rebs come on to us there. We have a very handsomb camp here on a side hill our Companys each have a line of tents and in front – runs a long pole on crotches 4 feet from the ground to which our horses are hitched. and on another pole hang our saddles & bridles & — noes bags so you see we have things quite handy and comfortable. Major Granger the one that came with our Company from the Rappids at present is in command of the Reg. At present I am having a good time acting as orderly for the Officer of the day. I gess I will close now & go to bed so good night.



Curator’s Comments: McOmber reports on some changes in the structure of his unit as well as a change of commanding officer although General Custer, “the Boy General,” remained with the unit. Spencer also reports that the unit had now moved a short distance and is now camped near Culpepper. He recounts a story of how he built a new shanty but it came crashing down during the night.

The second short note informs Spencer’s mother that they have received marching orders and it seems likely they will soon see combat. In fact, he says they can see the Confederate camp. Still there is little more to report so Spencer decides to turn in and close his letter.

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