I am getting better fast

Newark. June 9th 1864

My Dear Mother.

I have as yet received no letters from you. I am getting better fast and I guess in a few week I shall be able to go back to the Seat of War. There is talk of giving furlows here. but I can not get my pay here. and they do not give Transportation here. and of course there is no use of my trying to get home. Oh if Mich would take as much interest in her Wounded & sick Soldiers as Mass we might all be in Detroit. At Port Royal at Fredricksburg at Alexandria I saw the State agts of Mass go through the Hospitals and take their names and give each a $5.00 bill and also Transportation as soon as they were able to go to Mass.  here in this Hospital there are over 25 Michigan men. Some belong to the 7th Inf the 4th Inf the 24th and the 1st Inf – – I am the only Cav. –one of the Michigan boys who belongs to the 7th Inf has had his —- right leg & left arm cut off both above the knee & elbow. We get passes and crall around out doors on crutches a little. this is on the banks of the Pasaic river. I see a great many people here but do not know any one. You can write to me here and I can get your letters. Write to me. Newark, N.J. Market St. Hospital. Ward 11th.

I cant think of more at present so good by.

From Your Aff Son

S.F. McOmber

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