McOmber’s July Letters

Spencer writes four letters over the last 10 days of July as he returns to his unit following his furlough. It appears that his mother did lend him the $20 he needed to get home to Kalamazoo, which probably is not surprising. What parent wouldn’t make every effort to help a soldier come home for a visit?

McOmber gives his mother a short review of his trip from Kalamazoo back to New York where he is hospitalized for dysentery. He will spend the rest of the month in hospitals recovering but by the end of the month he appears to be a bit depressed.

Spencer describes several daily events in New York and Newark. He also reports on disturbing news about the harassment of wounded African American soldiers in a New York hospital.

Come back and read Spencer’s letters which will be posted on July 20, 27, 29, and 31.

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