I have delayed writing a for a day or two

Newark. July 20th

Dear Mother.

I have delayed writing a for a day or two on account of not being well. At New York City I was taken with the Chronic Disentary and have been quite sick — Four days but am better now so I am up and around the Hospital. I left home & arrived — in Dt. at 6 in the Morning stayed there all day & went up to the Hospital there. say John Glover & some boys in our reg at 8 oclock got on to the boat (– city of Cleavland) went to Cleavland got there in the morning a 8 oclock. I was a little sick on the boat but fealt better as soon as I got off. In an hour I took the cars went to Erie then to Dunkirk & got abord the York & Erie road & arrived in N.Y. City thursday at 11 oclock crossed to the city then back to Jersey & here. I have not heard from Frank the Friend of mine I spoke of. I got here only a few day after the pay master left he payed the Hospital on the 10th I shall have to wate until next time.

I do not think of more at present so good by

From your
Aff Son

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