I am now in Center St Hospital. Ward 5

Newark July 27th 1864

My Dear Mother

I am now in Center St Hospital. Ward 5   We had to all leave Market St Hos  for there were 600 wounded negroes for Battle came here and they wanted them all together. I have been sick ever since I returned I am now feeling better but am so weak I have to lay abed most all day. I have been very costive for over a week & have been taking medicine am some better. I have had no knife & so have made no rings yet but will as soon as I feel better. I will send you a ring I got in New York City. payed half a Dollar for it. the set is from an Oster Shell. I think is very pretty.  at this hospital all of the Conscrips Drafts & subs come & draw clothing. passing through this room so I have a chance to see them all. most of the subs [are]  duch & they Jabber furiously. There is a steamer leaves here (at our Whorf) (Center St) twice a day for N. Y. C. Last night a twelve oclock we were waken buy a beautifull band of music on a boat at the wharf. (the wharf is only a few feet from my window on the Second floor) we all went to the windows & heard them play. I think it was the finest music I ever heard. it was on a boat that was going on a pleasure excurtion to Fair Banks to fish consisting entirely of German Merchants of this place. they will return tonight at 12 oclock being away 24 hours. there are a great many excurtions of this kind. especialy of Sabath Schools they go & are gone all day fish & come home. there is always ample refreshments on the boat. Tell sis I wish she was here & we would take a trip. We can see the Great City from the top of the Hospital. I do not think of more at present so good by write soon & excuse my Mistakes.

From your Aff Son

S.F. McOmber

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