I am better but still have to lye in bed most of the time.

[Along left side of first page of letter] Direct your letters to me, Center St Hospital, Ward 5, Newark, N. J.

                                                                       Newark July 29th 1864

Dear Mother

I just got a letter from you. I am better but still have to lye in bed most of the time. Dr says I have a Hospital feaver & I often have sinking spells & feel a kind of goneness. but & felling better than I did. I have writen to you twice but had no stamps to put on them, I did not get that $5.00 for they had changed Ward Masters & post-Masters & the new ones knew nothing about it. I was awaken last night by hearing a man cry, Murder, Murder I went to the window & found out that two soldiers were comeing into Camp & a citizen followed them & had a fight with one of the soldiers, the other soldier give up his pass & came by the guards. & then when he saw the other soldier fighting wanted to go out again. & help the Citizen for the soldier was whiping him, & the citizen was hollering – Murder, but the guards sayed he could not pass, he tried to get out & and corporal of the Guard shot him in the side. they say that there will nothing be done with the corporal but as he is a condemed Yankee the boys says they will shoot him. they have shot out of the Hospital windows 3 times at him this morning & he will have to leave here or the boys will kill him. We are having awfull times here about the niggers as I told you in the last letter. they ar all in Market St Hospital, & we in Center St Hos. the citizens say they will burn the niggers out. Night before last they had 30 guards around their hospital & there were two gangs of Citizens 40 or 50 in a gang that hung around the hospital all night, often fireing pistols into the windows & they wounded one poor nigger for the second time. the Dr has sent to N. Y. City for more Invilids to protect the Hospitals. I spend most of the time reading & night cant sleep much. I shall apply as soon as I am able to get arround again & get my pay for another Furlow if I dont get it shall go to the Front. I could have stayed in Detroit but it was a miserable hasty hole. I am going to write to Darwin some of these Days & when I get my pay if I can not get a Furlow shall get a 48 hour pass & go to see him. I have applied for a Discharge form weak lungs & back was examined but do not know whether it will work or not, some have got Discharged that were better off than I am so I thought I would try. if I ounly had my pay now I would be sure of it. I guess this is enough now give my love to Cousin Frank & tell sis to mind her P’s & Q’s & especially mind your mother. I shall send you my photografts as soon as I get better. So good by

From Your Aff Son


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