McOmber’s August Letters

Spencer writes home four times during August. He is still in the Newark hospital where he has spent the last two months except for the time he was furloughed to Kalamazoo. His gastrointestinal issues seem to be the primary reason for his continued hospitalization.

In first part of the month, McOmber seems to still be a little depressed. He mentions that the hospital chaplain has lent him a copy of Pilgrim’s Progress and later Spencer praises the chaplain for allowing him to visit and borrow other books. Perhaps the chaplain recognized McOmber’s low spirits.

Spencer’s health is still the main theme running through these letters although there are several other issues. He says he has heard from a relative named Darwin who has apparently enlisted in the Army. Someone he has met has invented a model aircraft of some sort. And he is also interested in the upcoming presidential election.

Come back on the 11th, 20th, 22nd, and 29th to read Spencer’s August 1864 letters.

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