I feel so indifferent I dont know how I do feel.

Newark Aug 11th

                Dear Mother.
I take this opertunity to write again to you. I am I think on the gain. I was able yesterday to take a short ride in a skiff. but think I feel the worse for it this morning. There is a good manny getting discharges from the Hospital. I dont expect any if I get well before Sept. The Chaplin was in yesterday & promises to get me Pilgrims Progress to read. I feel so indifferent I dont know how I do feel. I hope to get well and return to the Reg. I am lonesomb & feel bad. I shall make a desperate effort to get a clerkship that is to be given the 1st of Sept to this Hospital. I stand a good chance if I am well enough. It tends to a comision in the regular Cav. I will send with this a letter to Sis. did you get the ring I sent you. please write. Good by for the present.

From your Son

S. F. McOmber


Curator’s Comments: This brief letter was written less than two weeks after Spencer’s previous one. It, too, seems to show that his spirits are low. He doesn’t know how he feels; he feels bad; he is lonesome. McOmber is thinking that he might try to be a clerk at the hospital when he gets better. That might get him a commission in the regular Cavalry. He closes by asking if his mother has received the ring he sent her.

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