McClealand is all the cry here.

Newark. Augt. 22nd 1864.

My Dear Mother

I am feeling pretty well tonight and thought I would write you a few lines. You complain that I do not write often enough. I think I write three to your one you get two at once some times tho I expect. It has rained here for two days & is still raining. does Willis come down to see you often. This morning they sent 30 men from here to their Regts. our nurces now are most all hiard citizens who receive $44 a month but are not as good as brother soldiers.

What are the Democrats in Mich trying to do & who do they advicate. Little Mac or Filmore or who. McClealand [i.e., McClellan] is all the cry here. he lives but 6 miles from here and is a great frind of the Soldiers evry whare. I hope if Old Abe is not again put in that little Mc will git it. I do not think that I shall go to the Reg for some time say a month. please send me some papers I have just made a new ring for my self it is a dimond cut Dimond & very nice. the events of today in the Hospital are very small only evry day affairs a good joke & a hard fight & inspection.

I dont know as I have more to write so good by.

From your humble & aff. Son

S. F. McOmber


Curator’s Comments: Two days later Spencer writes a short letter to his mother, probably to prove that he writes more frequently than she does. He also passes along some bits and pieces of news.

The main topic in his letter seems to be his interest in the upcoming Presidential election.  McOmber asks who his mother thinks the Democratic nominee will be. The soldiers, he says, like George McClellan the former commander of the Union Army in the east. Spencer hopes that McClellan will become President if Lincoln is defeated.

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