McOmber’s September Letters Overview

September apparently found Spencer with little time to write. His surviving letters are three relatively short missives.

McOmber is still hospitalized in Newark, apparently still suffering complications, particularly with breathing, related to the late spring accident in which he was run over by a wagon. Yet his injury and ensuing health problems do not seem to stop him from enjoying life.

He has taken up chess and has become fairly proficient, he claims. He does some writing for one of the doctors who has provided him with a good pen and takes him on excursions. His friendship with the chaplain, which initially provided access to the chaplain’s library, has now grown to include a bit of a relationship with his daughter.

All of the letters are written in the first week of the month. Spencer remains unclear on when he will be able to return to the front.

Come back on the 2nd, 5th, and 7th to read Spencer’s September 1864 letters.

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