I am off for the front I expect.

Newark Sept 7th 1864

                Good By Folkses.

I am off for the front I expect. We had an examination yesterday & I guess I am good for a fall Campaign. I am not shure but think it is so. I shall go to the dismounted camp & then to the Reg. I shall get a horse if posible & take from Alexandria. Oh Its All right the Dr has just loked over my sholder & says — he heardly thinks I am going. If I do not go I shall write again but you nead not write until I write again. Good by Mother I will try & do as well as I can. From your

Son  S. F. McOmber

Curator’s comments: Spencer starts off bidding his folks a farewell since he thinks he is about to be returned to active duty. He lays out his travel plans but then says that the doctor his looked over his shoulder and tells him that it is unlikely he will be sent back to the front. Spencer promises to write as soon as he knows one way or another. He writes this note on September 7 but if he wrote any letters later that month, none have survived.

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