I have been in a dilemma for some time.

Newark. Oct 1st. 1864

Dear Mother

No doubt you are wondering where I am. I have been in a dilemma for some time. We expected to leave & expected our pay & various other things. I have not money enough to buy a postage stamp. I have delayed writing because I had no stationary & I expected to leave. I am at present acting as medical Distributor of the whole hospital a good position but I may be sent away any moment. You may write tho & I will have it sent on if I go. no more now so good by
From your aff Son  S. F. McOmber

Curator’s Comments: In this extremely brief note, Spencer tells his mother he can’t afford paper and postage to write letters. He hasn’t been paid as he had hoped. He also says that he is working at the hospital but could be reassigned to his unit at any time.

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