my left lung is Affected & I caugh nights.

Civil War Letters

Newark Oct 18th 1864

My Dear Mother,

Yours — letter I have just got and I am not a going to try and answer it. I am pretty hard up. I was examined here yesterday and the Surgeon in charge told me that I must take the best of care of my-self if I expected to live long. my left lung is Affected & I caugh nights. Dr Karsner says I must ware under shirts and I have no boots or shoes all I have now is an old pair of Hospital Slippers. I would like to be able to send you Money & I would if I had it or could get it. I also would like to buy me some boots & shirts, and if you will send me 10 or 12 Dollars I Will send you pay for it as soon as I get paid. Mother I am afraid I shall not live long. Oh Mother I wish I could see you, but I must stop now. Good By.

From your own

Son S. F. Mc Omber

P.S. If you can send me money please do it as soon as posible for I can neither draw Shirts or boots here in the Hospital.



Curator’s Comments: This is a curious letter. One week after complaining that his mother is falsely accusing him of not sending her money he had promised, Spencer now asks her for money. He also says he needs underwear and boots. Somewhat melodramatically, he writes that he is afraid he is dying and wishes he could see his mother. And if she can send that money as soon as possible, he could really use it.

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